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Why Solar Energy ?

Why Solar Energy?

Solar energy is a renewable free source of energy that is sustainable and infinitely abundant to us. It is also a non-polluting source of energy, and it does not emit any greenhouse gases when producing electricity, unlike fossil fuels or natural gasses.

Solar electricity can supply your entire or partial energy consumption. Using solar power means reducing your energy bills and saving money. Solar systems are also low maintenance, with most systems not needing to be serviced for 25-30 years!

Add Value to Your Home

A Solar System install could add more than $10,000 to your home’s property value instantly! (Based on Lawerence Berkley National Lab studies 2017) Put your Solar PV system to work for you by collecting energy that can be used in your home or sold back to your power provider. Depending on the system, you could potentially eliminate your electric bill!

Financial Incentives Are at Their Highest!

The Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is currently a 30% federal tax credit that allows the homeowner to apply the credit to their personal income taxes. (www.energy.gov)

Comprehensive Solar Power System Maintenance

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